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As president of the Ranganathan Society for Social Welfare and Library Development (RSSWLD), I invite you to join RSSWLD and help to further the mission and vision of RSSWLD. For about a century, RSSWLD, which is also the CSR implementation arm of BIMTECH, is fulfilling its aim of giving back to society. RSSWLD aims to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and information at the grass root level by setting up libraries in rural areas and Jails. The society’s primary goal is intellectual development of the underprivileged sections of society so that they can avail competitive employment opportunities and lead a dignified social existence. The society is working in four main verticals: Rehabilitation program in the rural areas and also for Jail inmates, Community welfare, Social awareness and Upliftment of Library and Library Professionals.

Society has given us so much, now this is our chance to return back. By joining RSSWLD you can do something good for humanity. You can help in making a good change in the life of many people. There is no bigger benefit than help others etc. While the benefits of membership are great, belonging to a group of people who share common interests, goals and life experiences can make a big difference in your day-to-day practice.

Others benefits of joining RSSWLD are manifold.

  • You will feel more good about yourself when you help others. It’s a feeling that can’t be described but can only be realized. Sometimes it also helps to keep our feet firmly on the ground.
  • You will be part of RSSWLD. Your contributions will definitely help RSSWLD to touch the new sectors and many more initiatives will be taken up by the society.
  • RSSWLD keeps on organizing various capacity building programmes and preference and privileges will be offered to its members.
  • RSSWLD will come forward to extend its help to the members to organize various CSR activities at their respective areas.
  • Members will be provided with regular updates about the recent innovations in Education via our upcoming newsletter.
  • Members will get a chance to network with people who have an aim to do something good for others. Networking with like-minded professionals at the national level can definitely help them to build new connections.
  • Working for these type of organisations can improve your communication skills and also it develops the leadership skills in you. Thus, makes you feel responsible. Working with an NGO like this will definitely add some weight to the resume.

Together we can and together we will!!!


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