India on Friday, the national capital braved a foggy winter morning to celebrate its 69th Republic Day with its customary display of military might and cultural diversity in the parade whereas Chiraiyyas and few members of BIMTECHians attended 69th Republic Day parade in Surajpur, Police line, Gautam Budh Nagar. They reached on time before hoisting the tricolour. The chief guest of the event was Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Member of Parliament and Minister of State. Chiraiyyas had an interaction with him. He also told about how every citizen should watch the parade and the feeling is different when we watch live. Each one should know what is parade and what all happens in the parade. It is our pride. There were patriotic songs and amazing March – Past done by school children and polices. Chiraiyyas watched the parade in astounded way. There were lot of cultural activities. All the cultural diversities were truly stupendous and Jaw – dropping. They also had an interaction with DIG; SSP, Mr. Love Kumar and his wife Mrs. Shakti Dolly. The event also had DM, Mr. N.P. Singh and his wife who watched live parade. There was Ms. Renu Singh, Instructor of “Project Protsahan Chiraiyya”. There were also few volunteers to witness the parade and cultural programs and they were – Anjali, Anika, Rishabh and Sudarshan, PGDM students (2017-‘19). Dr. Rishi Tiwari, Secretary, Ranganathan Society for Social Welfare and Library Development (RSSWLD) and Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Shirotriya who were witnessed the event and parade. It was lot of fun and there were various dance programs. The program was ended by 12:00 pm. Chiraiyyas thoroughly enjoyed the day with lot of cultural programs and dance performances. There were amazing and flawless performances. It was a memorable and wonderful day.

Brief Report on activity:-

Date 26th January 2018

Target Group:-                Chirayyas of Neemka village

Activity organised by:- DSW&SS and team Ranganathan Society for Social Welfare and Library Development

No. of participants:-      30

The activity started at 12:30 pm and it was ended by 2:30pm.

As a part of learn while you play, two activities were carried out, as below:

  1. Game on distortion of communication:-

All the girls were made to form a queue facing one side of the activity plaza.

A non – verbal message in the form of expressions and body language was communicated by the last girl in the line to the last but one girl. This message was to be communicated from one girl to the other girl in turn.

While the first girl communicated a message “All the participants will be given one chocolate each, after the event” the last message as received and understood by the last girl was “Take this one chocolate and distribute amongst all”. The participants understood and learnt as to how a simple and small message gets distorted, giving an altogether different, and sometimes, opposite meaning. If this can happen with a simple message, how the complex and long messages we transfer from one to other in daily life can create confusion and havoc.

  1. Achievement and Motivation game:-

The entire team was distributed in to six teams of five members each.

The task for each team was to make a tower of wooden blocks. One of the members who was chosen to build the tower was blind folded, and others were expected to help him build the tower by giving directions and instructions.

The tallest tower was made with 14 blocks, while the shortest tower had only 3 blocks.

There was too much enthusiasm and interest generated in the teams, as it created a spirit of competition as to which team can make the tallest tower.

More important was the discussions and analysis the teams carried out as to why and how they could not achieve the target, and what they should do in future if such a situation arises in life.